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How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Photographs

Ready to sell your home? Congratulations! To best prepare your home for professional photography, here are some important things to keep in mind. Following these steps will set up both your photographer and your listing for the highest success rate - and make your property as attractive as possible!

Clear outside clutter

Curbside appeal really matters to most buyers. Be sure to tidy up clutter outside of your house too, which includes rolling up your lawn hoses, and setting up your outdoor furniture nice enough to serve dinner on.

Refresh landscaping

Once outdoor clutter is taken care of, mow your lawn and refresh the landscaping. Different buyers have different preferences, but everyone appreciates a freshly updated outdoor space! Refreshed landscaping yields better photos and results.

Clear surfaces of personal items

Inside the home, you should do your best to clear all surfaces. If there is a countertop where you charge electronics, be sure sure to organize and put away all cords. The same goes for any work materials on desks or medications in bathrooms.

Beware of any personal photographs

With high-resolution photography comes privacy issues, so in order to prevent any issues be sure to remove anything with faces - don’t forget magnets on the fridge! The photographer will have to photoshop them out of the photos, but most importantly, buyers like to picture themselves in your home, and photos of you may limit that.

Prepare windows and lights

Sparkling clean windows make for beautiful photographs. Be sure to open all window shades and blinds - we want as much light as possible. Make sure all lightbulbs are working, as most photographs are taken with all nearby lighting on.

Make a plan for pets

Be cautious of your pets - you definitely don’t want a puppy appearing in some of the shots. For the day your photography session is scheduled, have a plan ready for your pets as they can be hard for a photographer to work around.

Clean the whole house

Take the time to make a final look at your home. Make sure that all beds are made, floors are cleaned, and countertops are cleared as discussed. Once complete, make a final pass through the entire home and give attention to anything you would notice when searching for a new home. Lastly, be proud of the work you’ve done - you’re space is ready to go!

Keep the Home in Shape

Now that you have all of the above completed, all you have to do is keep the place in shape. Remember - buyers who liked what they saw online intend on seeing the same home when they visit in-person!

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